A Whole New Way To Invest In Real Estate

Enabling people just like you to create Wealth through Real Estate by investing in property around the world

Invest in property in the United Kingdom, United States or South Africa

The ability to build a Global Real Estate Portfolio faster than you’ve ever imagined

  • At Wealth Migrate we carefully handpick the top opportunities in commercial and residential property from around the world
  • We take care of Due Diligence, Management, Structures etc
  • Your opportunity to invest in million-dollar deals previously attainable only by institutions

Earn a passive USD income from your Global Residential and Commercial Real Estate Portfolio

In just 4 easy steps using the Wealth Migrate Platform

  • Sign up in a compliant way
  • Fund your digital wallet
  • Choose the investment that is right for you
  • ​Manage your Global Portfolio in one place

Protect your wealth during these uncertain economic times in a safe and simple way

Without hassles, management issues, complex global tax structures and bank accounts all in a matter of minutes within the Wealth Migrate Platform

  • We only work with Trusted Partners with a proven long term track record
  • ​Very niche property types to minimize the effects of uncertain economic times
  • Preserve your wealth offshore

Build Your Perfect Global Real Estate Portfolio 

All on one platform - Wealth Migrate!

  • Diversify your global portfolio with real estate
  • 8% to 10% cash on cash returns and IRR's > 13% to 20%
  • Maximise your earnings with our low fee model
  • ​Invest to earn an income or share in capital growth
  • ​Manage your portfolio and monitor your progress all from your secure account

What Next? 

Tell us about your experience in real estate investing
so that we can help you design your

Customized Path To Success!

What is your level of experience in real estate investing?
None, as I haven't started investing yet
I have bought a house or apartment
I have both residential and commercial property
I have bought commercial property
I have a global portfolio
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